Event Venue

Impact Lounge

238 Parliament St. Toronto

About the Space

Impact Lounge is an underground event space that Freakin’ Awesome Gay Stuff uses for many events. It features a dark room, large dance floor & bar combo and is an LGBTQ-owned space.

Freakin Awesome Gay Stuff does NOT own this venue and we are not responsible for anything related to drink or food sales.

Getting HERE

Located near Dundas & Jarvis, the venue is within a decent proximity to Toronto’s LGBTQ+ village. It has a discrete entrance so look for the flashing “pizza” sign and you’ll know you’re there.

If taking TTC, the closest subway station is Dundas station and the closest streetcar stop is either Queen & Shuter or Dundas & Shuter (farily equadistant between both streetcar lines).

If driving, there is some free street parking nearby. Be sure to read street signs carefully to avoid tickets. Please think responsibly and do NOT drink and drive. Call an Uber/Lift, take a taxi or TTC if you are under the influence.


Impact Lounge is open only when scheduled events are on. It is an event venue and not an “always-open” bar. 

Typically, we run events on Friday or Saturday or both. Events are often starting at 9 or 10pm and running until 2 or 3am, but be sure to check each event for exact details.

TIP: Go to our homepage to see what event is coming up next from us at Impact Lounge.

Which Events are run at Impact?

We run a large number of events at Impact including, but not limited to:

SEE ALL events on our homepage.