The Afterparty for gay men.

Toronto's NEW afterparty for gay guys. Goes until 7am. Circuit music on the dance floor. Darkroom for 😈 fun.

NO ALCOHOL is ever sold at this event. Water bottles, Gatorade pop/juice and others are available.


The Lair - 240 Parliament St.


Gay, bi, straight, & questioning guys are all welcome. Both cis and trans guys welcome.

NIGHT OF SAT JUNE 15 (2am-7am)

NIGHT OF SAT JUNE 22 (3am-7am)

Ticket prices subject to payment processing fees charged by Ticketmaster/Universe who securely processes your transaction. Taxes are included in price. Ticket purchases are final. No refunds, but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if you can’t go.


Whatever you want. Less is more. Most guys take off their shirt at the bare minimum, some take off more. You can wear as much or as little as you like. No restrictions.

In Ontario, it is not legal to serve alcohol after 2am. Most forbidden events go later than that, so we’ve made these events no alcohol to comply with the laws and to keep things simple.

Overall, its a circuit afterparty. The dance floor is for dancing.

If you want to have some naughty fun, the darkroom is open for exactly that.

Choose your own adventure.

Yes, this is an event for guys only. Gay, bi, straight and questioning men are all invited to the party. Both cis and trans men are welcome.

Yes. You can pay $20 cash at the door for this event.

Getting a ticket online in advance gives you a lower price and allows you to pay with a credit card. In addition, if the venue is full, then those with advanced tickets will be let in first.

We have a strict “no means no” consent policy. Do NOT touch others without their consent. If someone says no, then STOP. Even if they said yes previously, everyone is free to change their mind at any time including while play is in progress.

Those who don’t follow our consent policy are asked to leave. Repeat and heinous offences may be subject to permanent banning from ALL of our events. As an added deterrent, those removed from an event due to poor behaviour are NEVER issued a refund.

The Lair features an always-free coat check. You are encouraged to tip the attendants.

Yes, there is available for purchase non-alcoholic drinks including Red Bull, Gatorade, water bottles, gum, Mr. Freeze, Vitamin Water, coconut water, pop, juice, etc.