The Totally Naked Dance

Show it all off at the party where guys come to dance the night away in their birthday suit.

Dress code is fully naked MANDATORY.

This event is in partnership with:


First Friday of each month. 10pm-3am(ish).


The Lair - 240 Parliament St.


A mix of tunes perfect for all ages and tastes. Lots of great music to either dance to or socialize to. With DJ Xentrx.


Bare is a fully photo & video-free zone. Shed your inhibitions with ease.


Gay, bi, straight, & questioning guys are all welcome. Both cis and trans guys welcome.


$15 in advance online OR $20 day-of/at-door.


Students get in to BARE for $10 with Student ID.

AUG 2024

BARE - Universe BGs- Aug

SEPT 2024

Sept 2024

Ticket prices subject to payment processing fees charged by Ticketmaster/Universe who securely processes your transaction. Taxes are included in price. Ticket purchases are final. No refunds, but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if you can’t go.


Yes, you do. The dress code for BARE is mandatory fully nude. If you’d like to be in underwear or a jockstrap, then we run other events called “NAKED-ISH Underwear Party” and “JOCKS & SOCKS” that will be more your cup of tea.

BARE is a body positive event and you need not worry about those things. People of all shapes and sizes come to BARE and you’ll certainly see others that share elements of your body type. Come shed your inhibitions with us!

100%. We have a DJ and a dance floor in the main area. People love to dance and socialize at BARE.

If you’d like to get up to consensual play, then you may do so (and theres a dark room), but many also choose to simply dance & socialize and thats cool too! It’s a welcoming place for whatever you’re into.

Yes, you must keep your shoes on. This is for safety reasons as the venue’s floors are not well-suited to being barefoot.

It’s both!

Many nudists come to this event to socialize and dance with no sexual intentions whatsoever. In fact, straight nudist guys come to this event also.

Others, come with the intention of play which occurs in the darkroom at the back of the venue.

And of course, there’s a dance floor with a DJ so you can enjoy dancing in your birthday suit all night long too if that’s your jam.

All intentions are totally valid and have their place at BARE. Please be respectful of others who may have a different intention than you.

Yes. You can pay $20 cash at the door for this event.

Getting a ticket online in advance gives you a lower price and allows you to pay with a credit card. In addition, if the venue is full, then those with advanced tickets will be let in first.

It happens. Nobody is bothered by it, it’s natural and you’ll likely just get a compliment or two. 🙂

Yes, this is an event for guys only. Gay, bi, straight and questioning men are all invited to the party. Both cis and trans men are welcome.

When you arrive, you will be directed to the Clothing Check where a cute & friendly attendant will provide you with a bag to put your clothes in. Get undressed (take everthing off except your shoes).



Once ready, you will hand him the bag and he will give you a number. When you are ready to leave, show the attendant your number and he will give you your clothes back. If you are worried you might lose your ticket, ask the attendant for a bracelet with your number on it.

A lot of guys ask this and are worried about it. But in practice, it’s never a big deal. You are both there for the same reason. Some choose to decide to “not mention this at work” and others have found that it simply is a fun little thing to bond over and laugh about.

Yes, we have a dark room open for this event. Please ensure you have CONSENT for all activities you choose to engage in via the dark room.

Yes, free condoms and lube are provided – it is generic water-based lube we provide. You can also bring your own “travel-sized” lube if you have a lube preference beyond what we provide.

We have a strict “no means no” consent policy. Do NOT touch others without their consent. If someone says no, then STOP. Even if they said yes previously, everyone is free to change their mind at any time including while play is in progress.

Those who don’t follow our consent policy are asked to leave. Repeat and heinous offences may be subject to permanent banning from ALL of our events. As an added deterrent, those removed from an event due to poor behaviour are NEVER issued a refund.

No. We do not own the venue. We simply work with them in order to use the space for the night for this event. All alcohol and/or food purchased is sold & served by the venue and not us. We are not responsible for anything related to food or beverages.

Early Bird tickets are generally available up until about a month before the event. If you buy tickets for a BARE event that is not the most upcoming one, then it is likely that Early Bird tickets will be available for it. However, it’s first-come-first-served so act fast. Early bird tickets tend to sell out much faster for June (Pride Month), September and October months.